Slowing down Baltimore

The issue

Speed Cameras are now erected at 15 different school zones across Baltimore County.  Red-light cameras have been placed at approximately 110 intersections across Baltimore City and County.

The idea of speed and red-light cameras has created a divide among Baltimore area residents, those who are in favor of keeping streets safe by use of cameras, and those who believe that there are more efficient ways of maintaining roadway safety.

Here we explore all angles of the issue.


  Questions surround red-light cameras in Baltimore

Red-Light cameras are here to protect Maryland drivers, but those opposed to the new technology fear that the true reason for their installment is simply to collect revenue.  Read more>>

Speed cameras help keep school zones safe

By the end of June 2010, speed cameras were set up and fully operational at 15 different school zones in Baltimore County.  Members of the communities and schools are happy to see speeds decrease and advocate the use of the cameras.  Read more>>

Speed cameras raise common sense questions

The first data report has been compiled from speed cameras in 15 school zones across Baltimore County.  The Baltimore County Police report highlights the number of citations distributed from the cameras’ first activation on July 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011.  Read more>>


Speed Camera MapMap

Baltimore County installed speed cameras in 15 different school zones.  Here is a map with each location plotted, pictures and speed camera data through the first year of operation.


Julie Ann Grimm is the primary aid to Baltimore County Councilman David S. Marks.  Here she gives insight into why Councilman Marks opposed the speed camera bill.


Cpl. Patrick Zito is a Traffic Coordinator for the Baltimore County Police Department.  Cpl. Zito tells us how speed cameras work and why they are an effective way to counter speeding in the county.

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